Article on Crown Lynn in the New Zealand Potter Magazine

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Article on Crown Lynn in the New Zealand Potter Magazine

Post  Titian on Sat Apr 04, 2009 10:47 am

I have found an interesting article, "Commercial Potting" in an old issue of the New Zealand Potter magazine. It is on page 15 of issue # 20 (Autumn 1978).

It begins:

We asked Crown Lynn to write for us a short history of their development and to provide some information on their potters supplies shop at New Lynn.

An interesting section comes towards the end:

...The shop is also the base for a small group of [Crown Lynn] designers and potters who conduct practical experiments with clay, stains and glazes developed by the company to assess their applications to craft potter (sic)."

For me the most interesting feature of the article is a photo of a CL decorator, Paddy Hancock, finishing the decorating of a huge cauldron of what looks like a bit of handcrafted (though it can't be in 1978!?). More over, the abstract patterns look quite Stenstra-ish.

I know Crown Lynn continued producing hand-thrown bits after 1964 because provision was made in the new numbering system for hand-thrown pots. They were to be marked seven thousand and something. Does anybody have any of these later hand-thrown pots numbered in the 7000s?

Jo, perhaps you could get permission from whoever has the NZ Potter copyright to reproduce this article, or at least the photo?


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Re: Article on Crown Lynn in the New Zealand Potter Magazine

Post  collectiques on Sat Apr 04, 2009 12:33 pm

Funny coincidence - I've just started to buy a few old NZ Potters magazines and quite surprisingly one of the first I bought last week was Autumn 1978 and stumbled across that article

I wasnt quite sure who to contact - if anyone knows please let me know
Very Happy

I think they changed editors - perhaps I could try NZ Society of Potters ...

All text & photos Collectiques

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